The Design & Purpose Of This Website

This website is designed to provide access to information on various topics of intellectual property law.  Each of the intellectual property law topics listed on the opening page (copyrights, trademarks, etc.) are direct links to those identified subject areas.  In turn, each separate subject area opens with a list of topics of interest within that particular area of intellectual property.   

Each subject area ends with a listing of legal resources available online.  It should be noted that all the legal resources listed separately in this website are combined in one listing at "Library Of Legal Resources On The Internet" in the How We Can Help You section of this website.

This is not (and cannot be) a comprehensive listing of resources on intellectual property law.  In addition, this information is not intended as legal advice.  No one should take action based on information in this website without consulting a competent professional.  See our Terms And Conditions.  By accessing this website, you agree to them and you should consult them before proceeding into this website.

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