A Web Page - What Is It?

A web page is a set of computer commands that causes a "page" to be displayed on a computer screen.  Most people think they are looking at a unitary document, like the page in a book when they view a web page, but a web "page" may be composed of any number of components.   These components can consist of text and graphics (drawings, pictures, etc.) that may be fixed or moving, as well as sounds.  These different parts of a web "page" may be resident on the computer displaying the "page" or they may be located on more than one computer and "linked" into the page that is displayed through network or internet connections..  

Like an illustrated book, the components of a web "page" can be the result of more than one person's creativity.  The intellectual property rights (copyright, trademark, patent) may be different for different parts of the web page.

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