Conflicts Among Owners Of Websites

Inadequate preparation during the creation of a website can result in claims by more than one person or company to the contents of a website.  Properly drafted agreements can prevent your employee from claiming he or she is the owner of your website.  Making sure the materials that appear on your website are not owned by someone else will prevent someone else from claiming you are infringing on their copyrights.  Doing "defensive" trademark searches can prevent another person from claiming that your use of a design or phrase is 'confusingly similar' to theirs and you should stop using it.  

A new problem is business method patents which are now being granted and are potential sources of conflict after your website has been up and operating.  (See "The Internet and Patent Conflicts" in this website.)

"Linking" and "Framing" without thinking can also result in claims of infringement.  (See "Links" and "Framing" in this website.)

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